Jan's Vision

Jan Instructing
1. My number one priority is safety. In all the years I’ve been training I’ve never had an injury or accident.

2. Number two, I create a caring and compassionate atmosphere where clients feel safe, comfortable and ready to take on new challenges.

3. Number three is developing stabilization of the core. The core for me is not just the pelvic core or powerhouse but also the shoulder girdle. Without stability in the shoulder girdle there is weakness and successful training of the upper body may be impossible. You may be working only the most superficial muscles.

4. Number four is helping my clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

5. Number five is working on posture. Almost every client has poor posture. I’ve had tremendous success in getting them to sit, stand and walk tall. I’ve even had clients gain one half to one inch in height.

6. Number six is that I have a gift of working with clients who are weak. They are people who are out-of-shape or who are post-physical therapy. (Because of insurance, physical therapists often train people aggressively in a short period of time. This leaves them weak.) For these clients a more patient and delicate approach is appropriate. Please note I am not a substitute for physical therapy.

7. Number seven is that I train people of all abilities and levels, challenging their strength, flexibility and balance. A lot of these clients are looking to develop svelte yet strong bodies.

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